Supplier Diversity

AdaptOne Supplier Diversity - Registration and Update system allows existing and new suppliers to submit or update their information online into a configurable form. Data includes company profile, contacts, classifications, categories, supporting certificates, documents and additional customizable fields as required. Automated notifications’ facilitates introductions on suppliers with categories of interest, which in turn helps market supplier diversity inclusion.

Supplier Management

AdaptOne enables the complex processes to Register/Certify applicant Suppliers and manage the requirements of the business. Customized forms are presented to suppliers based on department, work category and supplier status.

Supplier Compliance

AdaptOne Supplier Compliance enables Clients to access various metrics for each supplier including PCI Compliance, OSHA, Conflict Minerals, EMR Rating, and Environmental Safety.

What we do

  • Customized Supplier Management Solutions
  • Streamlining business processes
  • SaaS delivery model

Our services

  • Business Consulting
  • Solution Provider
  • Software as a Service Provider
  • Support Services

Supplier Management Modules

  • icon_01Supplier Registration
    Collect relevant supplier data
  • icon_02Supplier On-boarding
    Qualify and verify suppliers
  • icon_03Diversity Certification
    MBE, WBE, SBE etc...
  • icon_04Diversity Spend Reporting
    Track prime and 2nd tier diversity spend compliance
  • icon_05Risk and Compliance
    Ensuring suppliers comply with financial and insurance requirements
  • icon_06Supplier Performance
    Scorecards, surveys etc...
  • icon_07Corrective Action / Preventive Action
    Identify problem areas and track improvements
  • icon_08Health & Safety
    Track EMR, OSHA safety data
  • icon_09IT Security
    Ensure PCI and PII compliance