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Today, cloud-based solutions are more common and considered the best and most efficient way for companies to document and share information through business processes that enable collaboration between business units and supply chain. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, our cloud solutions are user-friendly and intuitive and comes with a workflow that is custom fit for your organization.

AdaptOne Workplace is the technology platform that serves as the foundation for all AdaptOne solutions such as AdaptOne Supplier Relations Management, Supplier Diversity, and otherCustom Solutions. AdaptOne Workplace contains the necessary features and functions of a web portal such as login account management, content management, messaging, etc. AdaptOne Workplace enables us to build and customize solutions rapidly.


AdaptOne Workplace Features:

  • Leading edge web-based technology with comprehensive functionality
  • Minimum software requirements - internet browser is all you need
  • Pluggable and extendable technology platform
  • Integrate with other systems through web services
  • Customizable role-based access control
  • Highly secure self-help login maintenance
  • Can be extended to adapt to your changing business needs
  • Available as a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) or as a customer-hosted solution
  • Built-in Job Scheduler for automated tasks like data purging, reminders, and automated reports
  • Secure self-help login maintenance
  • Secure online credit card processing for secure online transactions. (May be used with existing modules such as Supplier Registration and Supplier Diversity Certification.)
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