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Supplier management systems may appear to be similar, especially during product demonstrations. Many critical attributes that will impact your success however, may not be obvious. You need to look beyond the features and functions of a product demonstration to uncover potential limitations that may be hidden within an application and its platform technologies.

What makes the AdaptOne solutions different in what we provide to ensure your immediate and lasting success? The answers lie in our experience, vision, design and engineering of the AdaptOne platform.

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Unified Platform

AdaptOne provides one seamless platform that will address all of your Supplier relationship, Governance, Risk and Compliance needs. The AdaptOne applications use one standard database, one standard programming language and a common user interface throughout to provide an intuitive product.

We provide a highly configurable set of applications with consistent operations, functions and formatting. The screens are intuitive and easy to learn.  The unified design of AdaptOne provides flexibility as your needs change in the future. Adding new applications, expanding to include new divisions or acquired organizations requires minimal effort. The system is designed for adaptability, to address all Supplier LifeCycle needs today and your unforeseen needs down the road.

Design Flexibility

Because every customer has unique needs, the AdaptOne system is designed to be highly configurable and adaptable. Each customer can choose the configuration that is ideally suited to address their current challenges, while remaining scalable for the future. The system is designed for Supply chain, Diversity or compliance professionals, risk managers and internal auditors to manage the system directly. Business professionals who are charged Supplier related management tasks are enabled to do so without solely relying on support from their internal IT staff.

Delivered as SAAS Turnkey solution - No Hardware to Purchase, No Software to Install

The AdaptOne is provided as a SaaS delivery.  This platform ensures performance, security and longevity, with minimal IT overhead for our customers. Because AdaptOne applications are provided as an online service over the Internet, there is no hardware or software to install or maintain. Implementations are much easier and faster, and the burden on IT is greatly reduced.

Backed by Unparalleled Engineering Expertise

Product quality is paramount for us and as such all product development and customer support at AdaptOne is conducted by our highly qualified engineers out of our Alpharetta GA headquarters.

As an AdaptOne customer this means you need not worry about technology. We are the technology experts that ensure you have the best, most cost-effective solutions available. We enable you to focus on running your business and ensuring that your Supplier facing management objectives are addressed.

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