Supplier Management

Today, cloud-based solutions are more common and considered the best and most efficient way for companies to document and share information through business processes that enable collaboration between business units and supply chain. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, our cloud solutions are user-friendly and intuitive and comes with a workflow that is custom fit for your organization.

The AdaptOne solution allows companies to orchestrate how people and technology work together to deliver supplier information and automate the processes for maintaining supplier information. Intuitive rule based supplier profiling prompts suppliers to provide accurate information that is important to the organization. This comprehensive set of centralized but separately managed data is now available across the organization which cuts costs, mitigates risks and compliance challenges in the supplier base. We provide a rapid delivery in a scalable solution that allows users to intuitively search, qualify, track and validate supplier information throughout the lifecycle of the supplier relationship.

A strategic set of solution adaptive modules to manage resource intensive supplier facing interactions: Registration, on-boarding, risk qualification, regulatory compliance surveys and on-going performance.

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Registration - We offer configurable rules based self-service forms that support all forms of supplier registration utilizing unique AdaptOne features to improve the content quality and ease of use.


Feature Highlights

  • Customizable, secure and user-friendly online forms
  • Collect tax documents (W-9, W-8) and financial information
  • Collect master service agreements, contracts, certificates of insurance (COI)
  • Collect health and safety data such as OSHA 300A, illness, injuries and fatality rates, Experience Modification Rates (EMR)
  • Collect quality certifications such as ISO certifications,
  • IT Security Questionnaire
  • Support International suppliers

On-boarding - Intuitive user invitation processes facilitate your supplier A/P or procurement driven setup approval workflow and manage the required regulatory validation checks:

  • Intuitive features for collecting correctly formatted banking and other company data and the validations to ensure proper payment and mitigate later 1099 B-Notification reporting.
  • Automated processes to collect (W8/W9, self-certification) documents needing signature or eSignature and ensure the document content aligns with the form data


Risk - We web enable your structured surveys, forms, Excel documents, processes and reports to automate supplier qualification vetting and ongoing monitoring as needed for your strategic, and critical suppliers.

  • Provides the means to allow separate groups, departments, business units to manage their associated activities for risk profiled suppliers
  • Provides comprehensive oversight to all initiatives in one system; Safety qualification, IT security assessment, and the unique due diligence vetting required in different industries.
  • AdaptOne can manage your Tier 1 due diligence activities!


Supplier Performance Management (SPM) - An intuitive tool to manage the periodic scoring assessments, reviews, and corrective action activities to ensure strategic and critical supplier goals are aligned with organizational goals.

Supplier Diversity - Solutions & Services that improve supplier visibility & spend goals. Properly classify diverse suppliers with automated business sizing for small business compliance including 2nd Tier Reporting

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