Tier 1 Diversity Spend Management

AdaptOne provides adaptable procurement solutions tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

Specifically for Tier 1 suppliers, AdaptOne is able to offer robust, rapidly deployable cloud solutions that adjust as your business evolves. All Tier 1 diverse suppliers, information, and classifications can be organized and controlled through our solutions. Our Tier 1 suppliers are those suppliers you use for purchasing goods and services. Tier 1 suppliers are made up of 2 distinct groups, diverse and non-diverse suppliers. Your spend reporting in these groups is made up of diverse suppliers who account for 100% of the Tier 1 diversity spend. The other group of Tier 1 suppliers are non-diverse suppliers who report their Tier 2 diversity spend.

Spend Reporting in Tier 1

To assist with spend reporting needs for Tier 1 suppliers, AdaptOne categorizes diverse and non-diverse spend into these separate groups. You are able to import spend data from your existing ERP system or other accounting systems. The technology is then able to aggregate your supplier diversity information to categorize the spend. By importing your spend data, you are able to streamline your review process and eliminate manual efforts. Overall, companies can spend far less time preparing diversity spend reports and have an automated and complete solution moving forward.

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AdaptOne is able to offer a completely consultative approach with fast turnaround time. The solutions work the way you do with highly configurable options that mirror your unique business requirements. You can experience a process-centric holistic approach that embraces complexity, provides actionable insight, and works to streamline and connect your critical processes.

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