Our Commitment to You

Adaptability makes the difference. For more than a decade, AdaptOne has empowered organizations with the most flexible, user-friendly, cloud-native procurement solutions in the marketplace. Our “one source of the truth” centralizes data governance with respect for the distinct nuances of how organizations run their business. Today, our mission and focus remain the same.  With our customers and their suppliers around the world, we continue to passionately provide, enable and validate the critical success factors required to ensure organizations digitally transform their enterprise with transparent, sustainable and measurable value.

Our name, AdaptOne, was intentional from conception—to purposefully amplify the inherent nature of our solutions to foster optimal success in how our customers get their business done.


verb  \ ə-ˈdapt , a- \

Rooted in the origins of “adapt” is the idea of becoming specifically “fit” for something.
To adapt is to change in order to fit a situation better.
Meaning fits just right into a situation.


adjective  \ ˈwən \

Closely bound together; undivided; united; constituting a whole.
Being a single entity constituting a unified entity of two or more components.