Satya Ahuja-Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

Satya (Sid) Ahuja

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

Chief Executive Officer and founding partner, Satya (Sid) Ahuja leads AdaptOne’s vision, mission and strategies for growth. Indeed, under Sid’s leadership, AdaptOne continues to deliver positive growth year over year. With over 40+ customers across the US and Europe, his entrepreneurial spirit fosters a powerful customer-centric culture that is dedicated to ensuring our customers are wildly successful in achieving their business goals and objectives.

Prior to co-founding AdaptOne, Sid was a leading technology and business process management consultant with Fortune 500 companies— most notably IBM, AT&T, and Delta Airlines. His penchant for bringing together the brightest talent and dedicated industry leaders foster a powerfully collaborative culture that is laser-focused our customer’s long-term success.

Sid has received numerous professional and industry honors and has twice been named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Catalyst Magazine. He earned his MBA from Georgia State University, a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Clemson University and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT).


John R. Davis-President, Founding Partner

John R. Davis

President, Founding Partner

President and founding partner of AdaptOne, John Davis is responsible for staying true to the company’s mission and market strategy, as well as, the development, services and delivery of AdaptOne solutions.

John’s passion for technology as an enabling force behind mission-critical business process optimization spans his entire 25+ year career. Growing up in a military family, flexibility, humility and passion are characteristics he learned at an early age. After receiving a degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, he quickly joined GTE focused on the design of command and control systems for the U.S. Air Force.

As John’s passion for applying leading-edge technology to transform business outcomes flourished, he began consulting with Fortune 500 companies across various industries including telecommunications, government, IT and transportation.

For over a decade, John led many transformation initiatives that sought the use of agile technology and business process optimization to create enterprise transparency and competitive differentiation. In 2005, out of industry need and John’s unrelenting passion for leveraging technology to enable organizations to work together – smarter to drive sustainable competitive advantage, John and Satya (Sid) Ahuja co-founded AdaptOne.