The Adaptability Difference

Since 2005, AdaptOne’s procurement solutions have been robust, customizable, and exactly what our customers need. Why do our customers love us so much? Well…

"AdaptOne's solutions are more configurable and, well, 'Adaptable' than most of its peers'."

-Michael Lamoureux & Jason Busch, Spend Matters

  • ONE Platform:   A unified role-based platform creates one shared version of the truth. The result? Enterprise data governance,   accountability and real-time insights that drive smart decision-making.
  • Process Is King:   A process-centric approach mirrors your unique process and workflows for onboarding, validating, managing and measuring your suppliers.
  • You Can’t Outgrow It:   A platform that’s endlessly scalable and sustainable, to meet the most ambitious—or circuitous—organizational growth path. Go for it; we’ll keep up.
  • Our Solution, Your Way:   A deeply and rapidly customizable solution (as in, weeks, not months), thanks to our native, cloud-based architecture and technology.
  • Plays Well with Others:   Easily integrates with other complementary solutions to further strengthen the data insights, yielding a clearer profile of any given supplier.
  • Adios, Admin Nightmares:   Drowning in a sea of emails and supplier docs? A supplier-facing portal provides a user-friendly easy way for suppliers to both create their own profiles and keep their information and certifications current.
  • Turn on a Dime:   A platform that easily evolves to every twist, turn and uptick in your business journey, and does it shockingly fast—and affordably.
  • What Risk?   What you can’t see CAN hurt you. With “one-version-of-the-truth” data that’s maintained in real time, and accessible to all appropriate stakeholders, watch risk—and sleepless nights—drop.
And all this from an under-the-radar solutions partner that—until now—has been too busy innovating their way to “best-of-breed” to toot their horn. But we’re tooting now.