High Performance Tier 2 Diversity Reporting

AdaptOne understands that managing and reporting your Tier 2 diverse spend is fundamental to your supplier diversity business strategy. AdaptOne Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Management combines ease of use, deep domain expertise and rich flexibility to significantly improve supplier engagement and accurate reporting.


noun_Security_2752191Real-Time Reporting and Data Insights

AdaptOne Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Management takes data governance, performance and reporting to a new level.

The solution’s extreme adaptability makes it easy to configure, manage and report in real-time, i.e. indirect spend; spend goals; contract; by business unit/ division, all the information that’s pertinent to measuring performance and achieving your organization’s strategy. 

User-friendly dashboards with robust export functionality add additional benefits to leveraging the data insights that can reveal the true economic impact your organization is having on the economy.  

noun_Security_2752191Engage Suppliers with Spend Wizard

AdaptOne Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Management eliminates the manual error prone excel spreadsheet reporting processes and time-consuming supplier follow-up by providing a web-based easy-to-use branded portal to manage Prime suppliers Tier 2 spend. 

Your suppliers will find it easy to maintain their compliance, report spend, and add/ track their Tier 2 suppliers. Emailing invitations, automating reminders and configuring alerts are just a click of a button; freeing up your time to focus on achieving your strategic objectives. 

noun_Security_2752191High Performance Accurate Spend Reporting

Managing accurate Tier 2 spend data and trusting this information are equally important. The AdaptOne Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Management solution enables your organization to feel confident about maintaining compliance and trusting the information being reported. 

This trust and confidence derives from the solution’s deep domain functionality to intelligently manage the process by identifying global qualified suppliers, collecting certifications, managing expirations, sending automated email alerts, and reminders.

The AdaptOne solution also prevents duplicates and the need for periodic data cleansing activities so your attention remains focused on engaging suppliers. 

Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Management